I am a Principal Machine Learning Scientist – Natural Language Processing in the Vision and Language Technologies (VALT) Group at Capital One Bank, where I joined in January 2019. Here, I am working on building and applying NLP models to improve and gain insights from customer service interactions.

Before that, I was a PostDoctoral Research Associate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) under Dr. Svitlana Volkova. There I worked on evaluating the generalizability of state-of-the-art named entity recognition (NER), machine comprehension (MC), and semantic role labeling (SRL) models across different datasets. I also worked on forecasting events in social-graphs like Reddit, Github, and Twitter by learning representations from previous days’ knowledge graphs.

I graduated from the University of Houston with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in Spring 2018. My advisor was Dr. Thamar Solorio. My dissertation was on Stylistically Aware Representations of Books. I explored many novel stylistic features, emotions flow across books, author embeddings, and genre-aware attention model for success prediction of books. In addition, I also worked on various areas of NLP including Language Identification in codeswitched tweets, Named Entity Recognition in noisy social media data, Detection of Cyberbullying, and Author Profiling.